Sheriff Runaway Witness

Sheriff's Runaway Witness

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Pregnant and on the run, Rachel Malone Delcorte is the only witness to the murder of two federal agents. Mob boss Carlos Delcorte wants her baby—his grandson—and he wants Rachel dead. But as fate would have it, sheriff’s deputy Jethro “J.J.” Fox gets to Rachel first.

After delivering her baby and seeing her safely to her billionaire grandfather’s estate, he’s sworn to protect the beautiful widow. Keeping mother and son safe isn’t the problem for J.J.—he’s used to handling the bad guys. Matters of the heart—that’s a whole different story. He’s always had his own agenda. One he’s not sure Rachel can accept….

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Chapter 1

He picked up a razor and was contemplating where to begin mowing the shrubbery on his face, when his radio squawked at him from the bedside table where it spent most nights–those he wasn’t out and about on San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department business. He picked it up, thumbed it on and muttered a go-ahead to Katie Mendoza, on morning duty at the station desk.

First, he heard a nervous chuckle.  Then: “I wasn’t sure I should call you with this, Sheriff.”

“Well, you did,” J.J. said, returning the baleful stare of the dog sprawled across the foot of his unmade bed, head now raised and ears pricked, awaiting developments.  “Might as well tell me.”

“I thought it was a joke, first call I got. Then 911 dispatch got one. So I figured I better–“

“Spit it out.”  J.J. was thinking: Not much chance it’s a dead body,not with a lead-in like that.

He didn’t feel too much guilt such a thought would cross his mind, either. He could only hope…

“You’re not gonna believe me,” Katie said with another nervous laugh.

“Try me,” said J.J., trying not to grind his teeth.

“Well, okay.” Some throat-clearing came across the airwaves, followed by a semi-professional monotone.  “Sheriff, we’ve received several reports of a person walking through the desert, out in the middle of nowhere, an undetermined distance from the highway, off Death Valley Road. No sign of a vehicle anywhere in the vicinity.”

“Uh huh.” J.J. waited, figuring there had to be more.

After another episode of throat-clearing, it came. “J.J.,  swear to God I am not making this up. This person–it–she–appears to be a nun.”